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Creator FAQ

  • You can submit an erasure request by opening a support ticket with our team. Please include all details regarding the data you wish to have erased. Our team will review your request in accordance with GDPR regulations and proceed with the actions to comply with your erasure request.
  • Please navigate to the Billing section in your control panel, browse the Plans we offer and click the 'Downgrade' option provided underneath the Starter Plan.

    If you do not see an option to downgrade, this could be due to you having purchased one of our Bulk Plan options which means that you do not have a subscription.
  • Yes, but first you must issue a full refund to the customer. This can be done within your control panel by locating the payment and selecting the ‘refund’ option.
  • To set up a custom domain for your webstore, you can follow the instructions provided in our knowledgebase guide on setting up a custom domain, available here: Setting up a Custom Domain Guide.

    Additionally, we have a tutorial video that walks you through the process, which can be found here: Setup Video.

    If you are using a domain provider other than Cloudflare, you should refer to their documentation for details on how to set up your CNAME record.

    For GoDaddy users:
    GoDaddy CNAME Setup

    For Namecheap users:
    Namecheap CNAME Setup
  • For any login issues including 2FA troubles or lost email access, please open a support ticket with our team. Our support staff will assist you with the necessary steps to recover your account.

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