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Game Payments Done Right

Helping creators generate hassle-free revenue since 2011

Empowering the Gaming Creator Economy

Empowering the Gaming Creator Economy

Founded in 2011, our mission has always been the same: helping creators in the gaming industry create new revenue streams without having to invest the time and effort involved in processing and managing global payments.

Since then, we helped generate over half a billion dollars for our clients, providing them with a full suite of monetization features, handling all taxes, billing, and providing full insurance. Making sure they can focus on what they do best - creating great gaming experiences.

Becoming a part of Overwolf in 2022 allowed us to expand our international growth and cooperate with leading gaming and UGC hubs. Raising $150M from leading investors, such as a16z, Ubisoft and Griffin, gives us stability and our clients piece of mind. We're here to stay.

If you are a game developer or a private game server owner, we invite you to join our growing creator community and grow alongside us.

Our investors:

a16z grifin ubisoft insight intel samsung our investors
  • 2011

    Founded in

  • 29K+


  • 780M+

    SO FAR

  • $150M

    Raised from
    top investors

  • We partner with Tebex due to their consistent reliability proven over years of sustained partnership. Their diligent work in handling our webstores demonstrates their commitment to our needs, and their proactive communication and eagerness to collaborate on mutual solutions makes them an ideal partner in providing our players with a secure and smooth transaction experience


  • Tebex played a crucial role in scaling up our business. Their attentive team consistently listened to our requirements and went above and beyond to provide us with all the necessary tools to achieve our goals and provide a great experience for our customers. Tebex is the ideal platform that any content creator dreams of having


  • Tebex has great customizability and allows us to focus more on the important parts, like improving our game, and less on handling payments


  • Tebex has streamlined our monetization platform saving us countless hours of dealing with other vendors as well as customer support related tasks. Tebex has allowed us to take the guessing game out of our processes allowing a better experience for us and our customers


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