Monetize your Minecraft server

Monetize your Minecraft server

We help thousands of Minecraft servers just like yours make money from in-game monetisation

Tebex helps you monetize and optimize your Minecraft server with powerful features

Easy Integration With
Your Minecraft Server

Create your webstore, link to your server, create your products and start generating revenue in minutes.

Support for Mojang and Xbox Live Usernames

With support for Mojang and Xbox Live usernames, you can be confident that purchases will go to the correct player on your Minecraft server.

Industry-Leading Fraud Prevention

We have the data and technology to offer an industry-leading suite of fraud prevention tools for every store.


With the advent of the Bedrock Edition / Better Together update, Minecraft (formerly known as Pocket Edition) is gaining more and more popoularity and some of the biggest servers are starting to rival the long-established Java servers.

With our native support of Xbox Live usernames and our PMMP server plugin, we're delighted to be able to serve the Minecraft community in monetizing their mobile servers.

Minecraft: Java Edition

Our longest-supported platform, Minecraft: Java Edition has been at core of the Tebex platform (previously called Buycraft) for our entire history. Featuring full UUID support and Mojang username verification as well as supporting offline mode servers, Tebex has the ability and the feature set to power even the largest of server communities.

Tebex has plugins for all the major Java Edition servers including Spigot, Sponge and BungeeCord, ensuring you can monitize your Minecraft server no matter what your setup.

Why Tebex?

Monetise your Minecraft server

End to end solution

Setup your webstore, create your products, link to your game server and start generating revenue in minutes.

Multiple payment gateways

Process payments with our large selection of gateways including card processing, PayPal, PayGol, Xsolla, and many more.

Create my webstore
Tebex Control Panel
Why Tebex?

Beautiful webstores

Powerful custom theming

Design your webstore to fit your own game server branding using our powerful theme editor.

99.99% uptime

We're known for our reliable infrastructure and fantastic uptime - it's why we're trusted by some of the largest servers in the industry.

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Ultimate Webstore Control
Why Tebex?

Empowering the creator economy

Creating new revenue streams for the gaming industry

We've processed over half a billion US dollars from micro-transactions across our thousands of customers within games such as Minecraft.

There's a bright future ahead

Monetising third-party servers is growing rapidly each year, with game publishers now realising the potential for allowing others to create content on top of their games.

Create my webstore
Best in class webstore analytics
Why Tebex?

We're used and trusted by the best

Working with Tebex lets us focus more on creating high-quality game content and less on developing and maintaining a store and all the associated headaches that come with it
Tebex has been our store solution since day one, and it's only got better over time. Clean intuitive interface, easily customisable front-end and unprecedented uptime. We're very happy bees!
There is no debate, Tebex is the #1 Minecraft server payment processing solution for personal and professional servers alike. They scale with you as your server grows, you never have to worry about the stability, uptime, or accessibility of your server
We’ve been using Tebex for many years now and upgrading to Enterprise has been really useful! Being able to contact the Tebex team directly to solve issues and raise requests has made an awesome service even better.
After trying many platform we found Tebex, I wish I found them sooner! It’s the best donation platform I have ever seen - the options they give you are endless! We couldn’t be happier with their services 😊
I was using an alternative platform for donations, but the actions and options available were limited. Tebex changed everything about how I run my store, giving you unlimited options for commands, setting up packages and even creating extra web pages. Tebex isn't just another donations platform, it's the best platform.
We’ve been using Tebex for years and they offer hands down the best donation plugins and software out there. Would recommend to anyone who is serious about setting up a donation store!
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