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Tebex helps you monetize and optimize your Space Engineers server with powerful features

Native Support for Steam Usernames

With native support for Steam usernames, you can be confident that purchases will go to the correct player on your Space Engineers server.

Appeal to Customers
Around the World

With custom translations and offering payment methods for every country, you can sell to your players no matter where they are based.

Industry-Leading Fraud Prevention

With over 7 years' experience, we have the data and technology to offer an industry-leading suite of fraud prevention tools for every store.

Tebex Launches New TorchAPI Plugin Bringing Our gCommerce Expertise to Space Engineers

Space Engineers is a leading space-based sandbox survival game, and Tebex are pleased to announce the release of a TorchAPI plugin, bringing our industry-leading payment plugin to Space Engineers!

With over 7 years' experience helping leading communities in games from Minecraft to ARK with their revenue generation, we're excited to introduce the same feature-rich donation platform and payment processing to Space Engineers.

Popular with startups and commercial servers alike, we're excited to be able to help you grow your community and take your Space Engineers game server to the next level.

Leading Space Engineers Donation System Comprehensive Control Panel

Detailed payment information

Manage your players' payment status, command execution and all your support needs, using our comprehensive payments page.

10+ payment gateways supported

Process payments with our large selection of gateways including card processing, PayPal, PayGol, Xsolla, and many more.

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Tebex Control Panel
Ultimate Webstore Control

Why Tebex? Ultimate webstore control

Powerful custom theming

Make your store stand out from the crowd using custom HTML and CSS to completely design your store to fit your branding.

Create your own custom modules

Add your own custom modules to display your server's status, recent payments, featured packages and more.

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Space Engineers Server Monetization Best in class Webstore Analytics

Optimise your store with A/B testing scenarios

Continually test and improve your conversion rates for purchases using A/B testing on your packages.

Comprehensive reporting & statistics

Monitor your store's performance and refine your selling techniques by tracking payments, coupons, sales and much more.

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Ultimate Webstore Control

Why Tebex? Powerful engagement tools

Abandoned basket recovery emails

Send auto emails to players if they begin the checkout process but don't complete the sale.

Coupon-driven discounts

Drive sales to your store with promotional coupons, created with the control panel or sent automatically from our API.

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What clients say Featured Testimonials

Working with Tebex lets us focus more on creating high-quality game content and less on developing and maintaining a store and all the associated headaches that come with it
Tebex has been our store solution since day one, and it's only got better over time. Clean intuitive interface, easily customisable front-end and unprecedented uptime. We're very happy bees!
There is no debate, Tebex is the #1 Minecraft server payment processing solution for personal and professional servers alike. They scale with you as your server grows, you never have to worry about the stability, uptime, or accessibility of your server
We’ve been using Tebex for many years now and upgrading to Enterprise has been really useful! Being able to contact the Tebex team directly to solve issues and raise requests has made an awesome service even better.
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