Tebex +
Space Engineers

Tebex is proud to partner with KSH to support Server hosts and Communities on Space Engineers

Why Tebex?

Easy Integration With Vanilla and Torch Servers

Create your webstore, link to your server, create your products and start generating revenue in minutes.

Fully Automated For Server Monetization

KSH and Tebex provide the only authorised and EULA-compliant monetization solution for Space Engineers.

Industry-Leading Fraud Prevention

We have the data and technology to offer an industry-leading suite of fraud prevention tools for every store.

Focus on Content Creation

By partnering with Tebex, worldwide sales tax, GDPR, PSD2 & AML is handled on your behalf.

Global Reach

No matter where your players are based, with over 60 payment methods, there will always be a way they can support your server.

Unrivalled Seller Protection

We handle all dispute resolution and provide you with our seller protection as standard.

Get Started Quickly

With the Tebex-SE companion plugin, you can start offering in-game rewards immediately. Giving items, currency, permissions and reserved slots are all available with no coding required.

Space Engineers Pricing

No monthly subscription
+ 5% of each sale
  • Unlimited Packages
  • Worldwide Payment Processing
  • Fraud & Chargeback Protection
  • Hassle Free Integration
  • Support Multiple Game Servers
  • Detailed Statistics
  • Beautiful Webstores
  • Monetize Your Discord Server
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per month
+ 5% of each sale
  • All Starter Plan Features
  • Webstore HTML & CSS Editor
  • Sales, Coupons & Giftcards
  • Abandoned Basket Recovery
  • Purchase Followups
  • Team Accounts
  • Custom Domain Name
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Prioritised Customer Support
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Pricing Help

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a free trial?

All accounts receive a 14 day trial of Tebex Plus to help you set up your store.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes! You can cancel your plan anytime you wish and you will not be charged any cancellation fees.

Why do you charge a percentage?

Tebex is the official monetization platform for Space Engineers, and this fee allows us to continue running the platform.

Are there any other fees?

You can find details of any other potentially applicable fees in our knowledge base.