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Manage every aspect of your webstore from the feature rich control panel.

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Tebex Control Panel

Why Tebex? Effortless payment management

View payments easily

Gain quick access to each payment or transaction and view important information.

Mark up your payments

Simply add notes to payments to help assist other users on your team.

Effortless command management

Manage your server efficiently with our easy-to-use command management.

View payments easily
Mark up your payments
Effortless command management
Packages management

Packages Package management

Utilise a wide range of package options

Sell in-game products with ease, using our powerful suite of tools.

Auto-renew products and packages

Create and sell subscription products, such as monthly rank subscriptions, which automatically renew each month.

Payments Utilise a range of payment gateways

Team Accounts Easily manage a team of users

Create a tiered hierarchy with user permission control

Add team members to your webstore and configure fine grained permissions to manage what they can see and edit.

Enable two-factor authentication per user

Enact two-factor authentication to ensure team members keep your webstore as secure as possible.

Easily manage a team of users

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Improve your store’s performance and monitor revenue activity by using our comprehensive suite of analytics.

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We always follow best practice, and the webstores we create are compatible with future updates and security installs.

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