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What is Tebex Checkout?

Tebex Checkout provides your customers with a smart, user-friendly payment experience that ensures the highest level of checkout conversions.

With 10 years of experience in the gaming industry, Tebex knows what’s important to server owners, and Checkout has been built after listening to the frustrations of our customers when dealing with payment gateways. Featuring an industry-leading range of payment methods and best-in-class fraud protection, Tebex Checkout aims to be the partner that helps you grow your server and community to the next level.

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Key Features

Extensive payment coverage

Support 60+ payment methods out of the box, with no additional signups or accounts required.

Simple refund management

Refund your players from one place, without ever leaving the Tebex control panel.

Zero chargeback headaches

We handle all dispute resolution and provide you with our seller protection as standard.

Set up your webstore effortlessly

No changes, external contracts or setup required on your existing webstore.

Conversion-optimized checkout flow

Improved checkout flow which has been proven to increase conversion rates.

Compliance handled by Tebex

Tebex acts as the merchant of record, meaning worldwide sales tax, GDPR, PSD2 & AML is handled on your behalf.


Available in over 30 languages

Available in over 30 languages
Spanish German French Danish Italian Dutch Polish Japanese Czech Norwegian English

Payment Methods

Tebex supports a wide range of payment methods to ensure no matter where your customer is from, or what payment methods they have available, there's an option for them.

Major Debit / Credit Cards
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Chargeback protection

Tebex is dedicated to helping you grow your server and community. This is why, in an industry-first and despite gaming being a high-chargeback industry, Tebex will meet the costs of any chargebacks on your store. Tebex Checkout employs advanced fraud detection technology, over and above the standard chargeback checks you might have seen previously.

This, combined with our refined chargeback defense responses gives us the confidence to cover the cost of any chargebacks that do happen - and you will be able to keep your earnings.

No monthly transaction limits

You're allowed to stay on the free plan forever, regardless of the amount your store processes.

Quick withdrawals

Easily withdraw to your PayPal or Bank Account in multiple currencies.