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Tebex Analytics Page
Why Tebex?

Monitor and track statistics - a smarter way of working

Your store overview

Use the store overview to keep track of your store performance. Determine which packages are performing the best and which players are purchasing the most.

Referral statistics

Where are your biggest sources of traffic coming from? Via forums, social, main website, YouTube or server lists? Your referral links will tell you.

Export payments to CSV

To help with your reporting and accounting you can export all site payments and transactions to CSV file.

Your store overview
Referral Statistics
Export Payments to CSV
More analytics features

Optimise your store with A/B testing

Set specific variation options

Make changes to your site and choose testing packages and sample sizes with our A/B testing engine.

Which variant has performed best?

Use the A/B test results to make a decision about which variant of the package performs the best on your store.