Tebex Partnership Programme

About The Programme

Tebex is looking to work with game server hosting companies across the globe to bring our industry-leading server monetization platform to as many communities as possible. We're proud to be the leading choice for server donations on a wide range of games, and we look forward to helping your customers monetize their servers.

As a hosting company, by helping your customers generate revenue from their servers you will be making it easier for them to pay their hosting costs, resulting in longer-term purchases and repeat revenue for you.

At the moment we are operating two partner programmes:
For single-game hosts (e.g. Minecraft hosting companies, Rust hosting companies etc.) - a partner programme allowing you to offer your customers 30 day's of FREE Tebex Ultimate in exchange for a link on our website
For multi-game hosts - a referral programme offering a 5% - 12% return on subscription payments in the first 12 months

To find out more, please fill out the application form below and someone will be in touch to provide further details:

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