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Reshape the industry

Reshape the industry

Server monetization hasn't been tackled before. We're challenging the whole gaming industry to think in a brand new way.

Everyone is welcome

Everyone is welcome

We believe that getting as many opinions as possible is important. The more diverse the opinions we have, the better we will be.

Make ideas happen

Make ideas happen

Every project starts as an idea. Ideas come from anywhere and anyone - we make them happen.

Life as a Tebexer Grow as a Team. Grow as Individuals

At Tebex, we never take the easy way out. We are re-shaping online gaming for gamers, communities and publishers, and we're doing it the right way. We work hard, but we also work smart - we don't want Tebexers to burn out after working 18 hour days, we want them to have a life outside of work, giving us 8 quality hours in return.

Tebexers come from any background, and work in many different ways. Are you a headphone warrior? Totally fine with us. Prefer to collaborate more? That's cool too. Mac only, or 100% Apple free? Yeah, we don't agree on that either!

Tebex is a small team, so everyone's contribution is vital, and everyone's opinion counts. Yes the responsibilities are great, but we look after our own:

Life as a Tebexer
Flexible working - we all like the odd day working from home, or coming in late once in a while
Fresh coffee and decent tea - no-one wants to drink instant all day!
Company lunches, breakfasts - not just because it's Christmas, but because we work hard, so we deserve it!
Improvement opportunities - mentorship, training and paid conference visits